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Friday, November 29, 2019

Turkey Trotting on Thanksgiving 2019

When I was growing up I played tackle football with friends every Thanksgiving morning. I remember getting it hard and hitting someone hard and then going for McDonalds and beers.  We called it the “Turkey Bowl”.

That tradition took a break and then continued up through my adult life up to from about 30- 40 years old at Crest Memorial Sxhool before I realized I’m getting old and wife wanted to take some cruises. 

So I started a new tradition. I started running a turkey trot ( a run on Thanksgiving morning). There was a run in Birch Grove Park Northfield NJ for years and they stopped it. Then I ran my own and then started back at the West Cape May Turket Trot. I could not do that race this year as we went to Landsdale PA for the holiday at my wife’s parents and got to see her nephew. 
That morning I ran 8K (5 mile) in the Montgomery Township Turkey trot with my son. This marked the first time I ran with my son Adam now 23 for a Turkey trot. The kid got away from running and back training for triathlon . I totally enjoyed running side by side chit chatting and taking a leak on the side of the road. The tradition will continue and hopefully he will keep it going.

Totally enjoyed it ! And like all Turkey Trots I do them to feel less guilty about eating and drinking and watching football and snacking all day. 

Happy T-Day everyone ! 

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