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Monday, December 2, 2019

Get Stronger - Get Faster - Do Yoga

So late last year Stone Harbor Yoga offered a special class for our Tri club. I knew that my tight bulky self needed to stretch more. Our instructor, Stef DeSatnick and also owner of the studio, taught the class.

Having tried yoga before at various places, I always walked away with the idea that yoga was not for me. Earthy people doing earthy things pretty much summed it up. I walked into the SH Yoga studio with that same mind set. When I left the class I openly admitted I was wrong. I didn’t know it was a hot class and I didn’t know it was a flow class. I didn’t know there were push-ups and crunches and stretching my body in areas I use often for disciplines of triathlon. I was challenged and I loved it .

So flash forward to 2019 year. I tried to maintain going to SHY at least a 1-2 time a week sometimes  3x. You can take what you need at every class. Sometimes harder sometimes easier. And never the same thing. Here’s the positive : I have medaled more this year than ever in racing. Swim is better-bike is better and run is better. I have not been sick for over a year (sweating out the toxins) and mental focus is on point.

I strongly recommend going to hot yoga as part of your life and training. It will make you better all around. I was a non- believer and proved to be wrong. I suggest Stone Harbor Yoga and Stef (all instructors are good and different ). And when you do remember who told you !
Namaste !

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