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Friday, December 13, 2019

Tri Key West 2019

This was the third year ( in December) in a row my wife and I and friends went to Key West for a triathlon #TriKW. In 2017,  the race was canceled due to lightning and rain storms. In 2018, the swim conditions were absolutely nuts. Elite athletes were pulled from the Atlantic Ocean waters at Higgs Beach. Total white caps and windy as heck.

This year our patience paid off. All aspects of the race were superb. Calm and warn ocean, very light winds on bike, and warm but not too hot running weather. The KW Tri  sprint is a race I do side by side with my wife, Jeanine. She tolerates my training and race schedule. Its the least I can do and the right thing to do. I know she feels comfortable with me as she does not race as often as I do, not even close. and she likes me to push her LOL. Marital bonding I call it. Last years swim was a challenge and I know she was scared to death. She did really well for not traing much.

This years trip was with the Marino's , Denny Kane and Ellie, the Howards (stacey just missed third by 10 secs), the Marriners (third place relay), and the Deams (although we didnt see them much). There's a local swim group (Key West Sunrise Swim Club) that hosts a practice swim and other swims while we are there. Taz is the leader and full of knowledge and experience.

There is no doubt we plan to return in 2020. The eating and drinking is so much fun. I will say that I don't think I would ever buy a place there but i can certainly handle a week or two at a time. we usually stay for 5 days. I always feel like I gained 5 pounds while there. My favorite is the Agave Tequila Bar and the small plates Santiago's Bodega, Blue Heaven, Salute, and the Banana Cafe. if you have Trip Advisor I post it on there - look for my account IronMayor.

If you haven't been to KW, try it ! Join us in 2020 for the triathlon !

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