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Monday, May 16, 2022

Inaugural AC Rock and Roll Half marathon

May 15, 2022

The weather was foggy and humid. My friends Jenn, Steve, Carl and cousin Sam made the trip up to AC from the Wildwood’s to try this race. It’s been postponed for two years. 

I met a pacer Emmy at the packet pick up expo. Her energy changed my mind to take it easy and  to push it a bit. She said she would get me to one hour 45 minute finish 8 min average pace. I wasn’t sure as I haven’t done much speed work and have been swimming, lifting, and spinning more than anything but what the heck let’s try it. 

Quick end: I fell behind at a rest area trying to slam down a Gatorade and fell a minute back. I didn’t have the legs to make it up so I finished at 1:46 a minute off the goal. 

The race course was decent and in typical AC style. The part headed to ventnor had slight headwind before making the turn on boardwalk sucked. But once on board walk it was smooth sailing to finish. The French fries and medal made the price well worth it. The bands were decent but much prefer the B Street band at the finish. Well stocked course and stations. My first RNR event.

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